How difficult is it to crack the Bank PO exams?

Bank PO exams are conducted by various banking authorities like IBPS. SBI, RRB, RBI, etc. This is one of the toughest exams amongst various competitive job exams held in India. It is open for graduates which make it a comprehensive and competitive exam. The syllabus is vast but not difficult; all it needs is hard-work and dedication. Hard work weaved with smart work will work wonders which can only be achieved by making an effective study module or strategy to follow.

  1. Before you start your exam preparation it is very essential to know exam pattern, marking scheme, qualifications, selection criteria and syllabus prescribed by the examining authorities.
  2. Understand various chapters and their weight ages by going through various previous year question papers.
  3. There are four or five sections in bank exams for SBI PO depending upon the examining body such as:
  4. Quantitative Aptitude
  5. English
  6. Reasoning
  7. General Awareness with a special focus on Banking Sector
  8. Computer Awareness

Analyze the subjects and pick the difficult subject first and work on it first.

  1. To enhance English Language section develop the habit of reading English newspaper daily to boost your vocabulary and reading speed. It will help you solve the reading comprehension section quickly in the exam.
  2. Make notes of various important events or news with the main focus on National, International, Bilateral Visits, Budget, Monetary Policies, RBI Announcements, Sports, Appointments, Books and Authors etc.
  3. Learn basic banking terms like repo rate, CRR, SLR, etc with the help of any good Resource Book for Banking Awareness.
  4. Check your calculation speed with accuracy. In case your accuracy is not up to the mark then it means you need to make the concepts learned with the help of some short tricks. Short tricks can be applied in Algebra, Geometry, Number System etc. Give a special attention to Data Interpretation as it covers the major part of questions in QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE section. One should practice topics like Tabulation, Pie chart, Line chart, line graph and Bar graph etc. to solve the questions accurately and speedily.
  5. The reasoning is highly scoring section of bank PO exam. Questions are comprehensive but can be solved quickly if practiced more.
  6. Improve your comprehensive ability and Grammar skills as there are most of the questions asked from this section. To master this section work on the synonyms and antonyms. Develop a rich vocabulary which will help you solve questions easily. Questions like Fill in the blanks and sentence correction questions will also be solved easily once you master your comprehension skills.
  7. Computer awareness questions are asked and to attempt those questions one has to thoroughly learn Basic of Computers, Operating System Functions, Basic internet knowledge and protocols, Network basics (LAN & WAN), Generations of the computer, Input & Output Device, Shortcuts & Basic knowledge MS Word, MS Excel, MS power point, Computer Shortcuts etc.
  8. Manage your available time effectively and prepare topic-wise. Do not pick the subjects randomly rather make a proper timetable and follow the same. Give equal time to all the sections of this exam has the sectional cut-off.
  9. Join online test series to practice mock tests on a daily basis. It will give you real-time exam experience.
  10. Follow the performance analysis and try to improve on your weak topics.
  11. Revise as much as you can especially those topics which you have recognized to be tough rather than being over-confident.
  12. Do not give more than one minute to any question as all questions are not possibly answered correctly. In case you are stuck up in any difficult question, you will be losing confidence. It will give a negative impact on your performance in the exam.

Although joining any reputed Bank Coaching in Chennai or elsewhere can solve your problems in many ways. Besides this one should make a regular and effective study plan to get the desired results.

Follow your dream by taking the golden steps to enhance your learning and understanding by using the above tips.

All the best!!!

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