Honda Brio the ideal car for the Cape Town scene

Compact meets comfort with Honda’s bouncy little Brio

When Honda dipped its wheels into the younger market it did it with a bang. Out came the stylish, energetic and reliable Honda Brio, available in Trend and Comfort variants as well as in a hatchback or sedan.

The trendy compact vehicle is well suited to the lively bustle of Cape Town with its bold color options and edgy design. The Brio hatchback is available in Alabaster Silver Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic, Taffeta White and Rally Red while the sedan comes in four metallic options, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl Metallic and Bluish Titanium Metallic. It sports a chrome grill on its front which contributes to the contemporary double triangle exterior concept. The wideness of the Brio’s stance adds to its stability on the road as well as its overall toughness. At the rear, the Brio boasts an innovative glass tailgate and a rear window demister for heightened clarity and visibility on the road. Halogen headlamps add a fashionable touch to the attractive and energetic Brio which fits right in with the people of the mother city.

Staying in the tourist hub of South Africa means greater expenses across most avenues. Having a car that is fuel efficient, easy to service and costs a reasonable amount is essential for those hitting the road every day to get to work or university. Even a night about a town can become a pocket drainer. The Honda Brio meets economic needs of younger drivers through its high levels of fuel efficiency and its decreased maintenance costs. The manual transmission option has claimed a consumption of 5,6 L/100 km with the COs emissions at around 133 g/km which are two significant fugures. It also possesses both passive and active features with regards to safety of drive. The Brio comes standard with ABS, anti-lock braking, electric brake force distribution and dual air bags.

In keeping with its resolve to meet the requirements of a fresher and younger bunch of drivers Honda, in addition to its runaround affordability and reasonable purchase price, has ensured a decent amount of engine power. It contains a 1.2 i-VTEC engine which delivers an impressive 65kW at 6000rpm and 109Nm torque. The transmission choice between 5-speed manual or automatic is also available to Brio Comfort suitors whilst the Trend comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Robust yet lightweight, the Honda Brio is a pleasure for inner-city driving. The quality of the drive is true to its musical name as it takes on the road with vivacity and verve, spreading a bit of magic wherever it goes.

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