Here is all you need to know about the chief learning officer’s evolution

Lifelong Learning is essential for the intellectual growth of humans. And now this fact is being embraced by a lot of big organizations globally. This is the reason why they have introduced a new position into the C-suite. Which is of a Chief Learning Officer.

Though, the role played by a Chief Learning Officer is not something that organizations have not experienced before. Earlier, a similar role was played by people positioned as director of training and in a few companies, HR professionals took over the responsibility of organizing training and development programs for the employees.

However, the title of a Chief Learning Officer holds some extra skill set with it. With today’s employees, especially the millennials, expecting to learn more advanced skills in their jobs, the scope of a chief learning officer’s responsibilities has expanded to a whole new level.

Let us now discuss what the position of a Chief Learning Officer stands for and what are the responsibilities and benefits attached to this role.

What is a Chief Learning Officer?

Someone who is well versed with all the styles of eLearning and embraces the concept of collaboration is a Chief Learning officer.

It is essential for organizations to appoint one person who is majorly responsible for creating an effective strategy relating to the goals, policies as well as the direction of corporate learning. That is exactly what a CLO does.

The prime challenge faced by a Chief Learning Officer is how to implement that strategy effectively. And that’s where they have to collaborate with the Chief Information Officer along with the Chief Technology Officer in order to disseminate knowledge as well as information to the learners with the assistance from technology, human resources professionals and also social media.

When and how was this position created?

Steve Kerr was the first person to receive the designation of a Chief Learning Officer in GE. It was in the year 1990 when someone in GE suggested that Steve Kerr (VP of Leadership Development) should be given the post of a Chief Education Officer.

However, when Kerr went up to Jack Welch, the CEO of GE in the 90’s, and joked about becoming the CEO just like Welch. That was when Welch suggested that Kerr should be provided with the title Chief Learning Officer in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

And this is how this position was created on the spot.

How much does a Chief Learning Officer get paid?

We cannot really say what is the exact average salary of a CLO. From the size of the company to the location of the organization to the particular job description, there are lots of parameters that decide the salary of a CLO.

According to pay scale, a CLO gets paid around $132,286 annually. However, the numbers go up as the Chief learning officer’s responsibilities increase with time. And as we mentioned before, location plays a great role too as in places like New York & San Francisco, the salaries of CLOs are quite high as compared to what they get paid in the other cities of the United States.