Here Are 5 Steps To Finding The Best Pool Installer Near You

  1. Deciding which kind of pool you want is vital

Before you can even think of finding a pool installer you need to figure out what pool you’re going for. While some installers offer various pool options, we recommend opting for specialist installers who have experience working with a particular pool type. Putting your trust into an installer who says they can ‘do everything’ isn’t wise, and you are more likely to benefit from a specialised provider of say, gunite, clay or fibreglass pools. This will also help narrow down your options, taking some pressure off you to sift through dozens of different service providers.

  1. Talk to people with pools

Get chatting! People with pools know people who build pools. And more importantly, people who maintain pools as well. We’re so immersed in the World Wide Web that we often forget to go back to basics and in doing so lose out on valuable and genuine input from real life humans. Just like pets, people are thrilled to talk about their pool journey so strike up a conversation with your friends, neighbours and family about how they got to where they are with their backyard ocean.

  1. Use social media

While we stand by our second point, the value of social media cannot be undermined. Social media is a great way of figuring out who is who in the business. Even if all the installers in your area don’t actively promote their business they are bound to have some sort of presence online via customer reviews (official and unofficial) and any social media platforms they have profiles with. Facebook and Pinterest are a great place to start when venturing out onto social media to find your perfect pool guy.

  1. Look to ‘find a contractor sites’

The value of the internet doesn’t stop at social media. There are tons of contractor sites which can help you make that big decision. For pre-screening and customer reviews you can reach out to the likes of Yelp, Contractor Find, and Home Advisor. You may need to have a look at a few of these sites to gather enough information as some sites may not have enough ratings per service provider and it would be best to consolidate your findings before you decide.

  1. Go the extra mile with research

Installing a pool is a pretty big deal. It’s not just about creating a huge ditch in your garden and filling it up with water. A pool installation is a timely, costly and pretty significant affair. Your pool can quite literally change the landscape of your property. Considering this, it is probably worth your while to take all the steps necessary before committing to a pool installer. Though an impressive website and beautiful images make a good impression, you need to look beyond this to make an informed decision about who is worth your money.