Explore Agra in Golden Triangle Tour India

The third angle of the Golden triangle tour is Agra, the city of marble Taj Mahal. 5 hours journeys from Jaipur via train and 2 hour journey from Delhi by train, and it is worth getting up early to enjoy the most famous monument of India without the crowds. The rows are endless, but the entrance fee for the international traveller, 30 times more expensive than for nationals.

The impressive monument that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built for his favorite wife, was described as “a tear in the face of eternity” by the poet Rabindranath Tagore. Its size and beauty doesn’t disappoint anyone, much that has been the picture hundreds of times.

Within the complex there are also other buildings, which are not normally tourists, with spectacular views of the mausoleum and the Yamuna River, and in which it is possible to rest in the shade, read or simply stay entrenched in front of the brightness.

Those who wish to get away a bit of the route may exit door is the architectural complex and go down to the river. Sometimes some boatmen in the area offer trips the boat that allows you to see the Mausoleum with another angle and, above all, much calmer now.

A short period of time tends to be the average visitor in Agra. It is frequent to come and go during  the day from Delhi. Those who decide to stay; you can visit the fort of Agra, in the center of the city and close to the railway station of the same name. Close to the station, is popular to visit the mosque Jami Masjid and Kinari Bazaar.

Delhi, Jaipur y Agra, Three cities in three states of the more than 22 of India. A small snack to get to know the country of Gandhi, but certainly a snack with a lot of flavor, which will leave the traveller, without a doubt, wanting to return.

Thing You should know before the Golden Triangle Trip

  • Travel with a good guide, and read it before you travel. Although quite safe at certain levels, India is a very complex country for travelers. The Scams and abuses are frequent. Read all the advice of a guide is essential so as not to be disturbed.
  • It is necessary to be vaccinated several other diseases. Two months before traveling it is necessary to pass by the doctor to check the health requirements.
  • India is quite strict with visas, including tourists. It is necessary to contact at least 5 or 6 weeks before with the local embassy or consulate to process the permits.
  • A very common practice by taxis pirates of the airport is “lost” in the city for the traveler to a “false” tourism office, where they often inform the traveler that his destination hotel has been closed or is full.
  • Avoid letting the clutter by guides. The shops and hotels often pay commissions to lead customers, what do these “guides” usually means paying more expensive and often buy not the best products.
  • Driving in India is extremely dangerous for those who are not accustomed to. Car and bicycle rental is discouraged.
  • The mosquito repellent must be a traveling companion, is an area of malaria.
  • The travel to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur can be done with a private driver and guide, not too expensive.
  • There luxurious way to travel these golden cities with luxury train Deccan odyssey┬ástart from Delhi, you feel a king with extra royal experience.
  • There are very other several ways to explore these destinations.