Exciting Attractions of Bangkok Tour Package

Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is crowded, noisy, colorful yet infuriating, exciting and intriguing. It is one of the nearest destinations from India and the Bangkok tour packages from India are very cost effective. The ancient architecture, modern infrastructure, shopping malls, high-end ambiance and many more, you can find everything in Bangkok. The life force of Bangkok is a bit annoying but the fascinating city has many more attractions in its sack. There are many popular destinations in Bangkok which will surely make your trip wonderful.

Grand Palace

This is the biggest tourist historical attraction in Bangkok. This amazing ancient architecture depicts how wonderful the ancient times were. It is sure that you would be mesmerized with amazing design and spell bounding architecture. This half day tour will definitely become the most memorable experience of your life.

Wat Pho

This is on the immediate south of the Grand Palace and is one the must visit the place. Wat Pho is also known as Wat Chetuphon is a temple built by King Rama I of Bangkok. This is the best place to get a perfect traditional Thai massage as the temple accommodates the biggest and ancient pharmacy. This place is considered as a healing center by many people. The main attraction of Wat Pho is a 45m long statue of Buddha and this statue is the reason for another name of the temple, Temple of Reclining Buddha. This statue cannot be viewed entirely from a single sight, you have to view it in parts and appreciate it. This is the best place to visit from the Bangkok Tour Package From India.

Giant Swing

Giant swing is the Bangkok’s most eye-catching sight and is present in front of Wat Sutah in a busy square. This high teak frame is used in a religious ceremony which is held in December of every year.

National Museum and Wang Na Palace

If you are a historical buff then you are going to spend at least half day of your at this amazing museum. The old Wang Na palace is the testament of the Thai history.


Bangkok is one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations to visit in vacations. All the attractions present in Bangkok purely depict the tradition of Thailand. There are very affordable Bangkok Tour Packages From India to make your trip wonderful as well as cost-effective.

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