These Enticing Holiday Destinations in India will Leave Ecstatic

Travelling not only replenishes your soul but also fundamentally transforms you into a better person. It widens one’s perspective and unplugs people from their hectic schedule gifting them with less stress as well as acknowledgement of diversity. Although travelling is alone a very diverse word with lots of places to explore, in this entanglement, many people fail to plan a good trip. These are some of the most craved and renowned Holiday destinations in India. You can decide one for yourself and pick a best tour packages in India.

1- Leh Ladakh

Nature represents itself at its best in Leh Ladakh. Although the political scenarios and extreme climatic conditions prevent tourists to visit there, it is a must go place. Even if you are not a travel freak, you will be enthralled with lofty mountains and the host of activities in such a peaceful place. From horse riding to trekking and bungee jumping you can enjoy numerous activities. If you think you are fit enough, you can test yourself by experiencing aggressive trekking. Make sure you are healthy and strong because acclimatization affects the tourists most. Ensure you are not suffering from any breathing problems such as short breath or asthma because altitude provides less and thin oxygen making it difficult to breathe. Before planning a trip to Ladakh, go through the climatic conditions because not every month of the year over there is welcoming for you and pick up one of the best tour packages in India so that you don’t miss out some beautiful places and sightseeing missions along with comfortable hotels. Leh Ladakh promises a lot in terms of adventure and a peaceful time.

2- Goa

Since childhood, many of us wanted to visit Goa with our squad. Situated in southern regions with coastline touching to it, Goa is such a promising place. The most renowned places in India for tourism, Goa is less expensive and more of fun. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches. Enjoy heart thrilling rides such as – Banana ride, paragliding and much more. If you are in search of a quiet spot in such heavenly place, explore south Goa. Se Cathedral church is well known holy place. Baga and Anjuna beaches are located in North Goa and you will find maximum of the crowd relaxing and chilling over there. Dudhsagar waterfalls is another magnificent place to explore. Here, you will enjoy the Waterfalls and is known as Water of milk. Goa is known for these waterfalls. The weather is pleasant most of the times but refrain from visiting here in the months of summer i.e – May to July. The nightlife of Goa is commendable. Being the safest state for girls, you can completely throw away your stress visit to the clubs and discos. Undoubtedly, Goa is considered as one of the best holiday destinations in India.

3- Dalhousie

This place, situated in the arms of Himachal Pradesh, is considered one of the most pristine hill stations in India. To embark your holidays, it is one of the remarkable places. Especially in summer seasons, where the whole of the country is swiping their sweats off, mark your presence in this cold and soothing place. You will feel like heaven when nature will kiss your feet and enthral you with its soothing environment. Since most of us are not used to live in hill stations, acclimatisation is common to happen. There are several places especially holy places such as – St. Francis church, where one should definitely make a visit. Experience some adventurous journey to Kalatop wildlife reserve, panchpula waterfall for sightseeing and the Dainkund peak which is extremely fascinating.

4- Kerala

known as The State of God, Malabar has this most beautiful and heart touching place known as Kerala. It is a cynosure for the tourists around the world because of its remarkable and pleasant environment and host of activities being provided. Backwaters at Alleppey are famous worldwide. There you can stay in a houseboat in between the water and rejuvenate your soul. Acquaint yourself with this south Indian culture and try on some delicious foods with some unique spices only available there. If you are a true shopaholic, you will find tons of things to buy such as – handmade sarees, unique spices, and handicraft materials. Embark your journey with Munnar and try on every possible thing over there. It is all possible with best tour packages in India.

So, these were few places which you should surely explore as a traveller. Some people love to travel while some travel for work. These four destinations are must visit places because of its aura and tourist spots.