Easy Tips To Maintain The Concrete Foundation Slab

The base of your house, i.e., the concrete foundation slab forms an important part of it. Several factors one should keep in mind while creating it, including the use of high-quality concrete. In case, you need such concrete for your construction project then you can get it quickly from online concrete providing companies like RMS Concrete.

However, foundation slabs are often overlooked by the homeowners, which is why they end up damaging over a period of time. This is surely not a good sign for the entire structure. Proper maintenance is essential for the foundation as it supports your home.

Damages in foundation slabs occur due to drainage issues, soil shifting and the use of chemicals.

Have a look at the steps mentioned below to know more about taking care of the foundation slab.

Leakage And Drainage Concerns

The leaks in the concrete walls and floors deteriorate the foundation of your house. Not only this, the leaks can create problems in other parts of your house as well. The signs of the water leaks are low faucet pressure and pooling of water.

If you are spending hugely on your water bills then it is time to check for the leak. Get your house examined for leakage problems by the plumber from time to time or you can also have an annual plumbing checks. During the inspection procedure, it is important to switch off all the water-based appliances in the house.

A proper installation of drainage system does not let the water settle around the foundation. This keeps the concrete safe. Also, keep checking the gutters to make sure that the rainwater is kept away from the foundation.

The Soil Around The Foundation Can Also Cause Problems

The objective behind providing a foundation to the structure is giving a strong base to it for supporting the building. The factor that is overlooked by everyone most of the times is that the foundation needs stability too.

It is always advised that it must be protected from water leakages. If your city is facing drought, it is important to provide water to the foundation. This way, the soil will not change its position, keeping the foundation intact to its place.

Adding plants near your house can enhance the appeal of the house for sure. Also, they bind the soil which prevents soil erosion. When improper techniques of landscaping are adopted, these plants pose a threat to the foundation.

The roots of these plants can make the soil around the foundation dry and thus it can cause the soil shifting. The solution to this problem is to avoid planting trees near the foundation. If planting is already done, then make the use of the root barriers to prevent the growth of the roots near the foundation.

Treat The Small Cracks In The Foundation

It is important to repair the small cracks in the walls and the foundation. Sometimes, they do not cause huge problems. There are some ways to settle these matters in an easy way. Have a look at them.

It is essential to keep the area dry and clean with proper dusting or cleaning with the wet cloth
Use the readily available concrete repair mix like epoxy glue to repair the small cracks in the structure
Make sure that the cracks do not get any bigger and if that happens, get the professional help to get the crack repaired.

The chemicals can be beneficial if utilized wisely in the landscaping projects. That is why the professionals advise everyone to be very careful while making use of them as these chemicals can create damages as well.

In case you are using chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers in your garden then make sure that you stay attentive while doing it. These chemicals are not good for the health of the foundation. Also, the damages caused by these are not detected easily and that is why special attention must be paid here.

Make use of these tips as they are important to maintain the concrete foundation slab for a longer period of time.