Drawers, Paints And More: 2019 Kitchen Trends Which Are Here To Rock

Did you know that following a trend is a trend too? While many people like to be the bosses of their home and life, others easily give in to the charms of a trend. Whether it’s fashion or your home, trends have a significant role to play in your decision-making. Talking about the kitchen renovations, from countertops to the faucets trends change every year, and something new and better is launched to take our breaths away. Case in point, what are your plans for the 2019 kitchen remodelling? Still juggling? Well then, follow the post below and become the star kitchen specialist of 2019 in five minutes. Have a good read!

  • Matte is everything

Glossy finishes ruled the kitchen industry for decades, but with the coming year, it’s time for a change. Matte finishes came in the industry like a breath of fresh air but took over the market with a storm which makes it a promising element for kitchen trends in 2019. From wall paints and cabinet finishes to faucets and appliances, people are drooling over the matte styles which are easier to clean, and evergreen when it comes to looks and usability.

  • The greener, the better

Moving on to the second trend, green is making its way into our lives and kitchens, and we are excited about it. No, we are not talking about the green wall paint here. You can utilise your kitchen space to grow a small kitchen garden, so everything you cook is entirely garden fresh. If not garden, you can pot a few plants in the kitchen area to keep the decor lively. With the natural products in play, you will be able to keep things comfortable.

  • Add statement pieces

If you are interested in kitchen refurbishment in the coming year, then you cannot miss out on this point. While you keep your cabinet and kitchen decor simple and neutral, turn the floor into a statement piece. Aesthetic is what we are aiming for so colourful or signature patterns and designs going well with the rest of the colour scheme will certainly infuse life in your kitchen.

  • Less is more

Nothing speaks or shows sophistication like decluttering, so reserve a day for the same. Keep your shelves and countertops neat and tidy instead of crowded. Opt for smart space in the kitchen where the rest of the kitchen items can be stored which are not in constant use. Making most of the available space speaks a lot about your management skills so come up with clever hacks to use the vacant area like a pro.

  • Accents and nudes are ruling the industry

Undoubtedly, nudes and neutral shades have made a mark in the kitchen industry this year, but so did accents. While the nudes were used beautifully to go green and bring in a lot of natural light, the accents did a fantastic job in highlighting the personality of the owner. Colours like black, gold and mauve and various shades of blue make stunning accent tones for your kitchen.

  • Two tones are in play

A few decades ago, such a style would have been considered inappropriate and mismatched, but with the change in preferences and styles, this is becoming a popular one. Opt for two different shades which you can apply creatively on the cabinets and the walls for hooking the eyes of the beholder.

  • Unique never goes out of style

Keeping the old or the new kitchen designs in London in mind, always remember that unique never goes out of style. Sinks, tiles, faucets, decor theme, seating and countertops are few of the kitchen elements which can add a subtle or dramatic look instantly.

2019 is around the corner, and so are some of the coolest kitchen trends of the year. Use this guide to your aid and reinvent your kitchen for a fabulous uber look. Also, don’t forget to share the post with your mates for spreading some kitchen inspiration.