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What Is Tartar?

The tartar has a yellow or brown color and a firm consistency. The stone is formed on the teeth, depending on the age of the person and its features. It is attached to the tooth firmly. It can be removed by a specialist with the help of a tartar removal device. In case of a hard layering on the teeth, you should immediately go to dentistry.

To prevent the formation of tartar, preventive measures must be taken. Cleaning teeth is the most reliable preventive against the formation of a solid layering.

A hard layering is formed under the gums, which leads to the destruction of the gum tissue. The tartar has a hard, rough surface. This stimulates more layering of the plaque. Education leads to the occurrence of dental diseases:


Caries And Periodontitis

The tartar destroys the teeth and makes their appearance unattractive. Due to the structure of the formation, dark spots appear. At a time when the plaque is invisible on the teeth, the stone is clearly visible on the surface of the tooth and above the gum line. When treating teeth, the stone is a significant obstacle. To dull the treatment, you need to remove it.


A tartar occurs when a person does not properly brush his teeth or does not do a similar procedure. Wrongly chosen means for cleaning teeth lead to the formation of plaque and subsequently tartar.

 The Appearance Of The Raid Leads To

  • soft food
  • cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • malnutrition
  • antibiotics
  • medicines
  • large selection of saliva
  • food with dyes

How To Prevent Tartar Formation

Do not neglect the visit to the dentist, for the timely detection of tooth damage and professional cleaning of the plaque and stone. Such visit dental clinic Dubai must be made every six months.

To clean the teeth you need to take a quality brush and change it every three months. When using an electric brush, the nozzles change after the same period. The mouth needs to be rinsed with an antibacterial agent. For rinsing, a tooth elixir is used. It cleans up the mouth better than water. It will prevent the occurrence of plaque, which precedes the formation of tartar. It is important to eat properly and eat foods rich in vitamins. After eating sweet foods, you should thoroughly brush your teeth.

Everyone saw an advertisement about the useful qualities of chewing gum, but many doubt its effectiveness. They do it in vain because it includes calcium, fluoride, vitamins and other useful substances. Since the rubber is chewed for a long time, the elements penetrate the tooth enamel, which strengthens it.


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