Debunking Time: 9 Myths about Kit Homes that Not True At All

Just like any other things and situation, kit homes are not spared from having myths or misconceptions. The myths were built for the purpose of making a sale. However, because of the misconceptions, kit homes are getting a bad rap, which is not fair.

The world of kit homes has come a long way since its inception in the 50’s and in the recent years, it gained changes for its betterment and sustainability. Find out below the myths about kit homes and why you shouldn’t believe them:

Myth 1: Kit homes are not stylish

Aesthetically speaking, a lot of think that kit homes are not stylish so they let the opportunity to check them. This misconception is not true at all. In fact, kit homes can be stylish just like any normal homes. You can customize your home by choosing the build style, roofing materials, colors, cladding, and other home features you want to add that will represent your taste.

Myth 2: They are way cheaper

Many people think that kit homes are relatively cheap and inexpensive option for building a home. But keep in mind that kit homes have advancement in design and building options, so you should expect that there is a wide range of pricing scheme for this kind of homes. The good thing about kits homes, they can be both inexpensive and luxurious because of significant choices and the opportunity to tailor housing solutions that are right for you.

Myth 3: Kit homes can’t be customized

Kit homes are popular home building alternative, so expect that there are many kit home builders that offer a wide range of standard designs that you can choose from. You can add custom details if you want to and that includes a variety of decking options. Kit home builders will allow the clients to arrange anything inside the house in different configurations.

Myth 4: All kit homes look the same

Since kit homes are pre-built, you might think they look all the same. This myth is in no way true at all. Keep in mind that kit home designs will always depend on the skill and quality of the builder you choose. One great example of the builder is PAAL Kit Homes, where they allow you to change or personalize the designs that will suit your personal taste. Their home designs are fully flexible.

Myth 5: You can’t get home insurance

This is not true at all. Most of the insurance companies are willing to ensure any homes. You can start by asking them about their policy and apply. But make sure to shop around until you find a home insurance policy that will suit your needs and budget.

Myth 6: Kit homes are difficult to maintain

Kit homes are not really difficult to maintain. In fact, on-site builds are more likely to have issues in the future. Kit homes are built to the same codes and standards just like in conventional homes and don’t affect the quality of the home.

Myth 7: Kit Homes depreciate in value

Kit homes gain value in the same way as a traditional home. Since this type of home has fewer maintenance issues, they’re frequently in better shape when the time comes to sell the home. Over time, kit homes gain equity as well.

Myth 8: They are not safe

This is another misconception that is false. Kit homes are built according to higher building standards since each component must withstand being lifted onto a truck and traveling to a construction site. They sturdier than you think.

Myth 9: They are not sustainable at all

Kit home builders are specializing in sustainable building practices. They ensure that they are knowledgeable about the principles of passive design. They know how to take advantage of the weather conditions in your area and your kit home. Expect that your kit home will be well-insulated and includes double-glazed windows and other sustainable features that might be helpful in the long run.

If you decide to get a kit home, hiring a contractor to build the home might be the best way to save money. Trying to do it yourself can result in difficulty following specifications leading to spending more money to fix it.