Cities For Experiencing The Best Foodie Trips In The World

The world is comprised of multiple communities of which, foodies constitute one. While travelling people have different priorities, some people look for better shopping experiences while others look for a good partying space and then there are people who travel for the purpose of trying out new and authentic food items. If you belong to the category of foodies who travel to taste each and avery delicacy in the world then this blog is ideally for you. We’ve curated top 7 cities for getting your hands on the most savouring food in the world.


London, UK

London is supposedly the best city for almost all kinds of excursion trips, so how can the food items lag behind? It is surely the best place to experience high-end gourmet as well as some street food. London alone covers the world cuisine offering some of the most lip smacking food in the world.

Jaipur, India

Indian food specialises more in the spices and you are very likely to find some flavoursome food items rich in spices in the country. Jaipur is a royal city an has some authentic royal delicacies waiting for you. The lal mass which is an authentic mutton dish is quite famous in the world. Also, The local street food shops serve some very delicious street food delicacies of the city.

Bologna, Italy

Italian food has already made its way to loads of cities of the world. Although, you will get to taste all kinds of italian food delicacies in every part of the world, but very few chefs are able to slice down the authentic italian flavours. You should therefore, visit Italy and taste the real flavours from the real italian chefs.

Barcelona, Spain

The most famous food item from Spain is undoubtedly the seafood but there is much more to the city than just the seafood. You will find some of the most interesting gastronomic restaurants serving all authentic food along with the sea food. Apart from that bars of Barcelona too are quite visit worthy and they will surely be appreciated by all the beer lovers.

Paris, France

Paris is undoubtedly the best place for getting all the best experiences; best sights, best shopping and best food. 5 out of the 50 best restaurants in the world are located in the city. Also, partying in Paris is a dream for a lot of people. Apart from the food, the ambience of french restaurants and cafes are surely to die for. Vintage interiors and low lightings with some really delicious food and finest wines are easy to grab in the city.

Food is surely a very important part of any trip, without experiencing the delicacies of a city, you cannot get the most out of the city. Mentioned above are the top five best cities in the world for experiencing the best foodie trips in the world, there are surely more options to devour  on but these are top picks from the entire world.