Business Insights for 2018

The world of strategy and management is highly complex, with every year requiring professionals to reassess the global business landscape and assist other leaders to make better decisions in the coming year. To understand how to tackle business problems of the future, we must rely upon actionable insight to be able to influence our decisions in the correct fashion. As such, here are a few insights into the global strategy and leadership in the business world-

  1. Difference in Company and Country Values– As leaders in today’s world begin sharing their experiences in managing workforces, there is a notable shift towards accounting for the values of the country while conducting business operations. Business leaders today are successful because of their ability to create and nurture an environment of success through values and dedication. This greatly influences strategy and decisions in the company. According to these same business leaders, the values of the country matter considerably as well. A company is only as successful as its employees and their collective opinion must have some root in the company’s principles to ensure there is a synergy between an organization and its employees. Things like patriotism and nationalism are a few watchwords with great value to many employees, and the actions of the company in the context of these things matter greatly to the employee and can affect them positively or adversely depending on their own disposition. Effective Leadership strategies are complex for exactly this reason.
  2. Generational Disparities are real– Today’s workforce consists of individuals from all walks of life, brought together through mutual interests. While this is greatly beneficial to the organization, there is a certain degree of strategy and contextual decisions that need to be made in these types of environments, which are handled by the leaders. These environments can often consist of large generational gaps where there may be problems in communication and understanding. As such, situations like losing fresh talent to competitors may occur because there are employees who feel out of place and unwelcome at the workplace which may differ greatly in their opinion on certain matters and refuse to revise those sentiments. Many believe that the greatest type of disruption in global businesses comes, not from just new technologies but also new types of employees that seek fulfillment and compensation at the workplace which operates within their scope of interest. Leaders must handle diverse environments with care and understanding as they rely on the collaborative efforts of people from different backgrounds and age groups.
  3. Laws and Regulations will hold more Weight– As global businesses continue to grow and affect people’s lives to a greater extent, the laws and regulations that bind both customer and brand to operational conformity will become stricter with greater implementation. Moreover, these regulations and laws are often tied to politically motivated ideals which are influenced by taxes, tariffs, and embargoes, which matter greatly in terms of production, operation and delivery of goods and services. Organizations will have to pay more attention in the future about what they intend to create and how, as these decisions also affect relations with other external entities who are importing these goods and services. Moreover, the manner in which they are produced will also become an issue with ongoing debates on “importism” and domestic production.

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