Building your dream home- Things you must keep in mind

Who would not like to have a warm and comfortable dwelling to share with one’s loved ones in the beautiful, serene surroundings of Auckland? A home is one of the necessities of life, and when it comes to building one, each of us has a dream home in our minds. The idea of designing and decorating every nook and corner of the house seems exciting but building the house of your dreams is easier said than done. It requires patience, money and a lot of efforts. Thus, be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Strategise your move

Before you embark upon the journey of building your dream home, you must develop a strategy.  Planning saves both time and money. You must gather precise details about the location, space and available facilities. You must consider every small aspect of planning your home and discuss it thoroughly with your family and friends. Once you chalk out your needs and have spent time in understanding the details of the project, then determine your budget accordingly.

Seek professional guidance

Not everyone is a pro at planning a house construction. This is where the role of professional builders in Auckland comes into play. Professional advice of any sort will undoubtedly prove beneficial for your home. A good architect will provide you with the finest blueprint of your house by tapping into your imagination, and a good builder with strong technical abilities will strive to create the home that you desire. Here, communication is the key. For the best partnership, tell your designers and builders precisely what you want.

You must take care to meet only licensed architects and builders. Analyse them on various factors such as their reputation in the market, track record, customer service, pricing and other benefits that they may provide to their clients. To get a realistic picture of their work, feel free to contact previous customers. Hire a team of highly skilled and hard working professionals that ensure you a speedy and hassle-free build. Unless you are completely satisfied with the developers you meet, do not hire them.

Give a personal touch to your home.

It is essential that your house reflects your style and choice. Many of you might be hesitant in giving your suggestions regarding the design and architecture of the house, thinking that the professionals know more and you should not meddle with their logistics. But it is your home. You need to be an active participant in all decision makings and give your inputs whenever and wherever required

From the materials to be used to build your house to the colours of the walls, you have a range of customizable options. Some builders offer you a set of pre-designed homes to look at and decide whether they suit your requirements or not whereas others let you design the process from scratch. After all, the visual appeal of your house depends on the choices you make.

Go Green

Last but not the least, it is imperative to keep the environment in mind when constructing your home. A ‘green home‘ not only contributes to preserving the environment but also saves your money in the long run. We suggest you take the following actions:

  • Ask your builder to adopt construction methods that produce minimum waste and are energy efficient
  • If possible, use recycled materials such as recycled glass and aluminium to build your house.
  • Make provisions for harnessing solar power.
  • Roofing should be done with products with green benefits such as white tiles, terracotta, special membranes etc.
  • Go for living roofs
  • For flooring, you can use sustainable building materials like linoleum


Ready to get started? Just keep the things mentioned above in mind for construction or house renovations in Auckland and see your eco-friendly dream house come to life.