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If the wiper blades stopped working properly, many advise to throw them away and immediately replace them with new ones. However, not everyone knows that there are several proven “folk” ways that will help bring the janitors back to life and make them serve for some time.

  • Remove the rubber bands, dip them into gasoline, then rinse thoroughly with warm water (can be done with soap) and put in place. Soak it in just a few minutes. After such a procedure, the gums will become softer, which means they will perform their functions better.
  • Spray or smear gum with silicone grease. In the auto shops, there is a wide range of such products, it is best to give preference to popular brands. A lubricant is sold either in the form of a spray or in the form of a gel in a tube. In both cases, it is quite easy to apply a little silicone to the rubber bands.
  • Wet the rag with White Spirit and sprinkle with tobacco from the cigarette – this “cocktail” carefully wipe the gum. White spirit is one of the products of the distillation of oil, a light oily liquid. Its dignity lies in the fact that it not only decreases the surface but also lubricates it. There is one significant drawback: it evaporates too quickly. The function of tobacco, in this case, is, rather, the nature of shamanism, as its real benefit is difficult to imagine from a rational point of view. Sprinkle a rag with tobacco is about the same as spitting on a worm before you throw the bait into the water. However, the belief in the miraculous properties of some potions sometimes helps more than the real medicine.
  • Hold gum for half an hour in hot water. In this case, it seems, also in degreasing. Hot water will destroy the layer of grease covering the gum, which will increase their ability to clean water and dirt from the glass. For effective operation of brushes, this will be sufficient only for a short time, so this method is better to combine with one of the methods listed above.

When to change wiper blades

Many car enthusiasts go to the store for new wiper blades at the first signs of their poor performance. Others are trying to find the reason for the decrease in the efficiency of windshield wipers and try to eliminate the problem. How to determine if the brushes have come into disrepair definitively and irrevocably, or can they still serve under certain care?

How to determine the need for replacement

First of all, with unsatisfactory work of janitors, it is recommended to pay attention, not at all to brushes. The reason for the poor performance of the brushes can be covered in oil film on the windshield, mechanical damage to the janitor’s “rocker”, insufficient fixation of the lever. In other cases, the wipers do not rub the glass properly due to damage to the rubber brushes.

If the car has been standing in the street for a long time under the sun or in the front, the wiper blades could be deformed

If the windshield wipers worked normally, but suddenly the stripes appeared on the glass when the brushes moved, it was most likely that sand or dirt got into the groove of the rubber band, which did not allow the working part of the tape to bend. In winter, it is possible to hit the groove of the brush with water and then freeze it. It is enough to clean dirt or ice from the edge and the brush will work as before.

On the windshield there are streaks. This indicates that the wiper blades are torn or scratched. This leads to getting under the brushes of sand, ice, small stones and other things. In addition, the edge of the rubber brush, due to sand, dirt and dust over time lose a rectangular shape. To return such a brush the old look can be done with sandpaper.

On the glass stain, badly rubbed places. The reason is in the curved, depressed, deformed blade of the janitor. There are such deformations, for example, if the car has been standing on the street for a long time under the sun. Or vice versa – in the cold. In addition, rubber brushes can lose elasticity, for example, just lay in a warehouse a couple of years. To check the elasticity of the brush, just pull it aside with a little effort and release. The brush should easily bend and immediately return to its original position. The deformed brushes are treated by soaking in petrol, followed by washing with soapy water.

To renew brushes it is possible, having taken them in gasoline, warm water. Also, the application of silicone grease or the processing of brushes with sandpaper

At work of yard keepers, the screech or a squeak is audible. The environment: ultraviolet rays, air, destroy the chemical structure of the janitor blade, leading to cracks and as a consequence of “leaking”. To revitalize such brushes, for what time it is possible by means of drawing on them a thin layer of silicone grease.

On the glass, there are radial strips. In this case, the wiper blade is coated with corrosion. To save brushes it is possible soaking in gasoline or hot water. 

Do the brushes change on frameless janitors?

The design of the rubber brush and the principle of its work in cleaning glass in wireframe and frameless wipers are the same. Therefore, the brushes of wireframe janitors can also fail, for example, because of sand, mud, ice and other things. Brushes in frameless janitors are also subject to replacement.

What is the frequency of brush replacement?

Best Windshield Wipers

It should be noted that there are several varieties of rubber, of which brushes are made. Natural rubber deteriorates quickly enough, so it should be replaced approximately every 6 months. As for artificial rubber, its service life is approximately 8-12 months. It is recommended to change both the driver’s and the passenger wiper blade simultaneously – the windshield wipers always work together.

So that the janitors serve as long as possible, they need to be taken care of. For certain damages, it is possible to return the brushes to life, soaking in petrol, warm water, applying silicone grease or by treating the surface with sandpaper. It is recommended to change janitors depending on the material every six months or once a year.