Best Sweets That You Can Make at Home & Also Find Online this Raksha Bandhan

No festival or special occasion in India is complete without sweets. They form an intrinsic part of all our festivals and occasions. Even on regular days also, sweets are preferred after meals and that has a traditional importance. Our ancestors used to say that we should end our meals with sweets because that balances the spicy main dishes from the menu, calms us down mentally, and also prepares us to talk sweetly to people. To retain sweetness in relationships, relatives gift each other dabba or boxes of sweets during major occasions or festivals or prepare sweet dishes at home to treat the guests. For this upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival, as a Rakhi gift for brother, you can prepare some of these Indian sweet dishes and surprise your brother.

Motichoor Ke Laddoo:

Happiness in tangible forms looks like Motichoor Ke Laddoo – a shining golden sweet dripping with love, and happiness. The shine goes to the inclusion of Desi-Ghee which attaches a nostalgic smell to these sweets. It is the signature sweet of India. It is the favorite sweet type of Lord Ganesha and is associated with all our celebratory moments. Motichoor laddoo is made of very small gram flour balls or boondis which are deep fried. It is then rumbled in sugar syrup until they absorb the syrup and enhance their size. Then the round shape is given which we all enjoy hugely. So, the prime ingredients are – gram flour, cardamom seeds or powder, milk, ghee, almonds, pistachios, orange food color, and sugar. For recipe you can visit Sanjeev Kapoor’s blog.


Phirni can be easily prepared at home with simple ingredients. This is a rich, creamy, and flavorful sweet type that is served in Shikora or small earthen bowls. These days, some prefer to serve Phirni in terracotta dishes, mugs, or wine glasses. You would require full cream milk, cardamom powder, rice flour, almonds, pistachios, and sugar. Some also prefer to put some khoya kheer and rose essence for that extra yumminess and fragrance. The key factor behind a great Phirni is the rice flour where the rice has to be ground very well. So, wear the chef’s cap and prepare an unforgettable Phirni for your brother.

Visit For Recipe :  Phirni Recipe

Almond Banana Kheer:

Both banana and almonds are healthy and tasty and a daily intake of both these things would give anyone a great skin, hair, and digestive system. In this amazing recipe, almond is pureed and cooked with bananas, sugar, and milk along with some flavors like cardamom and saffron. Finally, it is served with chopped pistachios. For better results, you can soak the almonds overnight and use full cream milk and also some condensed milk while preparing it.

Visit for Recipe : Almond Banana Kheer


One of the flavorful, sweet, and amazing Indian sweets is Rasmalai which you can prepare very easily at home. Ras means Juice and Malai means creamy – this juicy and creamy sweet dish is from Bengal and has won hearts of people all over India. The flattened chhena or Paneer balls are first cooked in sugar syrup and then immersed in a thick and sweetened milk. So, all you would require for this awesome Indian sweet dish are – milk, lemon juice, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, and almonds and pistachios. So, prepare this mesmerizing Rasmalai this Raksha Bandhan and add much excitement to your celebration.

Visit for Recipe : Rasmalai

Mango Burfi:

The regular rhombus shaped barfi sweet is a very famous sweet delicacy in India. Mangoes are found all through the summer season and that’s why you can very easily prepare mango burfi sweet to greet your brother this Raksha Bandhan. The smooth, rich, and creamy texture of this Mango Burfi would simply melt in the mouth of your brother giving him a heavenly feeling. It requires paneer, mango pulp, sugar, milk powder, milk, saffron, butter or ghee, pistachios, and silver leaf. Let this unique sweet recipe make your brother happier. Get recipe from here

These sweet are really easy to make and demands regular household stuff. Thus, you would not face any problem while preparing these lovely sweet dishes as a rakhi treat for your brother. In case you are too busy to send rakhi gifts for brother send through online platform.

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