Avail Reliable AC Services During Summer Heatwave To Prevent Total Breakdown – Here’s Why

Summer is in full swing, and the residents of Miami, Tampa, and other Southern cities have their respective AC service companies on speed dial. Why? Because the heat and humidity reach unbearable levels and homeowners have no choice but to keep their ACs running throughout the day. Unfortunately, this comfort comes at a cost as round-the-clock operations put a terrible strain on their cooling systems, leaving them susceptible to higher electricity bills and performance issues. In the worst case scenario, the complete and utter breakdown of the machine may occur. To understand why regular AC maintenance is necessary, take a look at the ways the intense temperature affects your cooling unit:

1. Drainage Issues

Every air conditioner has a built-in mechanism for dealing with outside humidity. Moisture from the air collects along the condensate line and drips down into a pan for eventual drainage. But in Florida and other humid parts of the country, the moisture content is too much for the system to handle, especially during the summer months. So, it is not uncommon for the drain to become clogged. For this purpose, maintenance must be performed to clean the pan and ensure uninterrupted drainage.

2. Motor Burnout

One of the key components of central air conditioning systems, the air compressor includes a motor that pumps coolant from the parts inside your home to the outdoor condenser. With time, this motor collects loose lubricant and dust, resulting in more energy consumption than normal. Sometimes the excess strain also leads to burnout and your AC functions come to a grinding halt. To avoid the cost of replacing the compressor motor, schedule an appointment with the AC maintenance technician. Ask him/her to check the motors thoroughly, and clean or lubricate them as required.

3. Corrosion Problems

The more humidity gathers inside your system, the more it faces the threat of corrosion along electrical and wiring connections. Make sure your technician inspects the machine for this problem, as it is extremely common in humid climates. Frequent maintenance is the best way to eliminate the problem of corrosion and protect the different parts inside the central AC.

4. Negative Impacts on Capacitors

Modern air conditioners are carefully designed to resist extreme summer temperatures. But there is a limit to what they can tolerate. For example, most systems lack the capacity to withstand a long-term heatwave. So, considering how states like Florida remain hot and humid throughout the year, it becomes impossible for the ACs to remain unaffected. And the electrical components most sensitive to high temperature are the AC capacitors. These capacitors start up the motors by transferring voltage and keep them running. But extreme temperatures lead to a loss in the capacitor’s ability to hold a charge, thereby causing a hard-start. In some situations, the motor does not switch on at all. No wonder it is important for the AC technicians to go through the system with a fine-tooth comb and determine whether any electrical part is suffering from overexposure to heat.

5. Stress Caused by High Heat

High temperatures are responsible for increased wear-and-tear of AC systems. That’s because the machines fail to move heat effectively from inside the home to the outside. Cooling units normally act as heat exchangers, absorbing thermal energy from indoors and transferring it to the outside environment.  When the outdoor temperature reaches extreme levels, it becomes more difficult to eject the heat. Regular maintenance is the best way to nip this issue in the bud.

AC problems are rather common in southern cities like Tampa, where air conditioners have to work overtime to keep homes cool. So, it’s hardly surprising that AC servicing agencies located in Tampa and other sub-tropical cities are high in demand throughout the year, especially during the summer months. If you happen to live in these regions,  contact repair professionals as early as spring to beat the rush and insure your system against breakdown.