An Insight into Surety Bond

A surety bond is basically a legally bound contract that makes sure the obligations shall be met amongst the three parties:

The Principal– Principal is the person who needs the bond.

The Obligee– The person who requires the bond.

The Surety– The surety is actually the insurance company who guarantees that the principal can meet the obligations.

Most often or not, surety bond Florida is often misunderstood, as their aim is different relying on which perspective you are coming from. They are part credit, part insurance and quite complex for many out there.

What actually is a Surety Bond?

Surety bonds are an insurance policy for a party that requires the bond, known as obligee. In certain cases, the obligee is actually the government agency and the surety bond is in its place to safeguard the citizens and its government. The obligee requires the principal to receive and pay for the bond.

People often terms ‘surety bonds’ as ‘indemnity bonds’ or even a ‘security bond’.

How does the surety bond function?

Surety bonds as you might not be aware of function as an insurance form to the obligee, as they are actually the beneficiaries who can ask for a claim if the promise if the bond is not fulfilled. Surety bonds are a form of credit for the principal, for claims should be re-paid to the surety by the principal.

When you would be requiring a surety bond Florida, you would be expected to follow the terms of the bond. As for surety bond claims, you have to pay bucks along with the legal charges. The bond might be supported by the surety, but the surety, however, must need an indemnity agreement (also termed as the agreement of the indemnity) to get the signatures of your company followed by the individual owners.

What does an indemnity agreement do?

An indemnity agreement actually pledges your personal and corporate assets to reimburse the surety for any legal costs and claim(s) linked with them.

The surety only states ‘you are eligible for it’ if any claims are made. In case they are wrong and cannot gather the payment from you through the courts or directly, they would be responsible. This is the exact reason why you should underwrite the possibilities of you asking for a claim and your capabilities to re-pay the same.

How to obtain a surety bond?
First, you have to consider, which bond you need, and thereafter, there are several bond requirements all across the U.S. if you happened to buy a wrong bond, it would be outright rejected by the obligee.

If your surety bond Florida is taken for a particular time frame, then you would be requiring a contractor bond (any job with an exceeding amount of $100,000 need a bond because of the Miller Act).


So, you have got a detailed insight into how a surety bond works, you can go ahead and buy a surety bond Florida and enjoy its benefits.

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