Humidifiers Of Air

Humidifiers of air – pluses, and minuses

Each house needs an air humidifier that will maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room. In winter, the humidity in our apartments and offices is reduced to 15 – 25% at a rate of 40 – 60%. Meanwhile, a sufficient level of humidity is not just comfort. Health and well-being of people depend on it no less than on temperature.

In the conditions of the air dryness, people get fatigued, the susceptibility to pathogenic microbes and viruses increases, because the mucous membranes that perform a protective function in the body dry out. This is especially noticeable in children. Reduced humidity strongly affects indoor plants – they grow poorly and start to dry (for many flowers, normal humidity 60 – 90%). Furniture and parquet are drying up.

By the way, a person also grows old faster with insufficient humidity. It is household humidifiers that contribute to the prevention of all these negative phenomena and are intended. At the moment, there are three types of humidifiers.

A principle of operation of steam humidifiers.

In order to be able to evaporate water, it needs to be heated. When using packed steam humidifiers, this process occurs, as the name implies, in the nozzle, which consists of two electrodes and an evaporation chamber. In this device, the electric current flows from one electrode to another. In this case, the electrical circuit is closed with water. Thus, the water warms up and turns into steam, emerging through a small hole. The more lime and minerals are contained in the water, the greater the current and the higher the evaporation capacity. Thus, all the energy necessary for the evaporation process, humidifiers of this type are obtained from the outlet. In addition, hot steam transfers energy to the air in the room and therefore the air temperature in the room can even slightly increase. Steam humidifiers have a large capacity.

According to the principle of operation, steam humidifiers are very similar to electric kettles.

The benefits of a steam humidifier.

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The main advantages of steam humidifiers are that they are cheap. In addition, they have a high power for moistening; care for steam humidifiers is minimal. The principle of action guarantees absolutely pure hydration, which does not contain bacteria and minerals. Their factions remain in a solid form in the tank.

From a hygienic point of view, humidifiers of hot steam are absolutely perfect. In the process of evaporation, water is heated, which in turn leads to a 100% elimination of microorganisms and bacteria.

You can also use the humidifier for hot inhalations and aromatherapy. At the exit of steam, a container is used for inhalation products or for other fragrances. In addition, humidifiers heat the air in the room.


Compared to other types of air humidifiers, steam has one drawback – a large power consumption. For the optimum application of steam humidifier, a hygrostat is required.

In addition, if the room is very quiet, you hear a noise from the steam humidifier.


To care for the steam humidifier, when water is re-filled, first rinse out the remaining water and rinse the container. Depending on the mineral content in the water, it is necessary to remove lime from the nozzle once or twice a month. For this, a conventional lime removal agent or a tool, for example, a screwdriver, is used. It is necessary to clean and dry the steam humidifier. Do not store the humidifier in a place that is too hot.

No humidifier of this type is required for any accessories and no preservatives for water.

Power and energy

The productivity of steam humidifiers is 7-16 liters per day with a power consumption of 300-600 watts. All the necessary energy humidifiers are obtained from the outlet. Energy consumption depends in turn on the state of water. It may well reach 700 watts. When using a hygrostat, the air humidifier, due to its power, is only in the on-state for a short time. To check out over at best dehumidifiers

Hygrostat (humidity control device)

For proper moistening and optimal energy use, it is recommended to use a hygrostat, since steam humidifiers are very powerful devices. Otherwise, there is a risk of over moistening. The hygrostat switches off the steam humidifier immediately as soon as the desired humidity level is reached. When the humidity of the air decreases, the hygrostat again switches on the steam humidifier.

For children, a steam humidifier does not represent a particular hazard. Tanks are resistant to roll over. In addition, the water in the tank is never hot, but only warm. But the first 8 to 10 cm of steam coming from the humidifier outlet are very hot. Therefore, do not leave children, especially in the slack age, alone without supervision in the room in which a humidifier of this type is installed.