A Guide to Writing an Essay for College Application Perfectly

We live in an era which is dominated by competition, where if we at any point in our lives fail to meet a certain point we are bound to be entitled as a failure, not by anyone but by one own self. The fantasy of getting admission in your preferred college is a dream every student conspires to achieve. However, it is achieved by a handful. The major reason is not the bank credit which we all consider as the main factor but the application that was submitted at the time of admission, more specifically the essay.

What is a college application essay?

The college application essay is made mandatory for the students. As it reveals the competencies which the student withholds to the admission committee. It is obligatory because the institutes want to get a glimpse of what the student withholds, the mindset he has, the ambitions he possesses, and the opportunities which he aims to exploit in here and the efforts he is willing to make for them.

How college application essay makes a difference?

The essay itself does not withhold the difference but the content it incorporates does. It provides the authorities what power pack one has and how can it make add to the college beneficiaries. It depicts the student’s overall personality glimpse and his superpower in course selected, which mostly makes the decision implementation in favor of the students.

  • What are the important points to be noted?

Some points which should be noted in writing it are as follows:

  • Illuminating topic

The worth and the strength of essay topic determine whether it will be a stepping-stone towards your dream or not. Do not opt for a mundane or mediocre topic which everyone goes for, but for something unique and interesting. Make sure to avoid the topic revolving around crisis as it depicts a controversial personality, which usually gets an application rejected.

  • Vivid exhibition of insights

This paper can be considered as a blank canvas where you can paint your heart out, present your picture the way you want and however you want. Therefore, aim to make it sensational. It could be done by incorporating the lessons which you have learned, the opportunities which you seek, the maturity level you possess, and the background which has brought to you here. Provide them the very reasons which make you an ideal candidate, which can amplify the reputation which the institute already owns.

  • Interactive Communication

Focus on making it interactive. Form a rhyme with the sentences where every word highlights why you are the one. It should reflect every question which admission officer is bound to ask you. Form cohesion among the words; communicate your perspective, the snapshots of your personal traits and your inclination. In addition, an adaptation of a narrative style is also found beneficial.

  • Keep it real

Most students are determined to paint an incredible picture of them. They get so much ingrained in it, that they forget the real purpose of the application i.e. to display their own potentials. Don’t focus only on the achievements or your high points but the struggles and the fail attempts, which made you reach the position. Faking the experiences will mitigate the paper strength and make it look disingenuous.

  • Proofread it

Regardless of how much confident you are with the written paper proofread it. Look out for the punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes. Focus on conveying of the facts and the strengths rather than on the advanced vocabulary. Ditch the dictionary and eliminate the redundant words.


These are some of the points to be noted when writing an application. in addition, there is also some essay writing services which facilitates the students in their college application, seeking assistance from these can improve the chances of application selection.