A detailed look at MBA degree, specialisations and career options

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree programme. It’s available to students who’ve successfully completed their bachelor’s degree or any equivalent postgraduate certification. MBA degree is considered most prominent and sought-after in the world especially when career boost is concerned as it exposes the students to practical and most recent corporate practices and management principles. The expertise can be then applied to various industries and under particular situations.


MBA degrees are categorised into three types namely full-time, part-time and executive MBA.

  • Full-time MBA is for regular students who get to attend business schools or universities and participate in regular class sessions. The option is best for the unemployed or even corporate professionals who are benefited with evening classes. Then there’re many different open universities offering online degree platforms thereby catering to everyone willing to learn and excel.
  • Part-time MBA classes are held on particular days in the evening mostly or during weekends as the programme is dedicated to employed students engaged with both study and work. This particular MBA programme is ideal for students who’re bestowed with tuition reimbursement from their employer(s).
  • Executive MBA is also designed for students and current corporate executives who wish to excel their careers in a particular organisation or simply seeking better employment opportunities.

Significance of the degree

The primary objective of acquiring the degree for most of the individuals is career advancement and a handsome boost in salary. Other potential benefits include availability of different and more challenging employment opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been offered. In most of the present day cases, masters degree is a prerequisite to executive and senior management designations. There’re organisations that reject employees only because they lack the masters degree despite industry excellence and expertise.


There’re various disciplines to pursue after successful completion of the degree programme. Some of the most sought after specialisations for MBA in Saudi Arabia as well as worldwide are;

  • Business Management/Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Ecommerce/E-business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Global Management
  • Information Systems
  • Operations, Strategic/Risk and Technology Management

Getting an MBA degree

Like any other media and law schools, an MBA degree can be acquired from recognised business schools and universities. That being said, the value, strength or recognisable factor of a degree also depends on the institution from where it’s earned. This is the reason students need to be extra careful when choosing between the different schools and universities offering the degree programme.

Rankings & cost

MBA schools and universities around the world are ranked between various organisations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors, crucial to choose the right business school or MBA specialisation.

Earning an MBA degree is costly as the academic fee is mostly four-times greater than average yearly salary. Tuition cost also varies per the institution and specialisation but many of the universities offer financial benefits to students having outstanding academic history.


Enrol yourself in a competitive programme for MBA in Saudi Arabia and take a leap forward in your career endeavours.