Nail paints have been around for centuries. Emerging in China in around 3000 B.C. nail polish has become a basic household item. But in contemporary times, nail paint has become more than just a way to color your your nails.  It has become a way of expression. Since the advent of 21st century, particularly last 6-7 years, the trend of ‘Nail Art’ has also emerged and it truly is nothing less than art. Different types of lacquers have been developed like matte, glitter and gel nail paints along with new techniques like acrylic nails.

It takes a lot of effort, precision and steady hands to create a nail art masterpiece. But nail enamel industry has come up with tools to make it all easier for nail art enthusiasts.

Here are 9 tools that can help you get those perfect nails:

Peel Off Latex Liquid

We all know painting your nails can be a messy business, especially if you’re not a pro. If you’re anything like me, anything within 2 miles radius ends up being covered in nail paint. That’s what peel off latex liquid helps you with. Just apply a coat around the nails before starting with nail paint. Once you’re done, peel it off and voila! Perfectly done nails without any residue on cuticles. Now go show them nails off girl!

Nail Art Pen

If you’re not the one who knows how to work those complex nail art brushes, then a nail art pen is just the right tool for you. Nail art is now just as easy as drawing on a paper, just a paper too small. They come in various colors. So go off sketching on your nails.

Corrector pens

Corrector pen is another tool meant to remove nail paint from cuticles with more precision. It is filled with some form of acetone taking you one step closer to mess free nail painting.


If you don’t handle nail lacquer well, you can opt for stickers. They come in different designs to give the illusion of professionally done nails. Just peel the sticker from the pack and place it on your nail. Cut the extra out and you’re ready with those glam nails!

Stamp Tools

Stamp tools are used to stamp designs on your already painted nails. They include a stamper, a stamp palette and a stamp paint. Simply put the paint on the palette, scrap extra polish away and use stamper to pick the design from the palette and place onto your nails. Wait for the design to dry up and those designer nails are ready to go.

Striping Tapes

Striping tapes are to paint your nails multiple colors in sections. Paint you nail in one color. once the first layer is dry, peel the tape and place it on the nail however you want. Put on the second color and peel off the tape. Your edgy nails are ready with no mess up. Apply a top layer to protect the art you just created.

Gradient Sponge

Gradient sponges are used to give the nails a texture. Apply a base coat, and put a layer of the color you want on the sponge and use sponge top color your nails instead of the brush.

Mini Nail Art Palette

While you’re busy creating a masterpiece on the canvas that is your nail, you need a palette to hold your colors so that you can focus on your art. Nail palette is just that. It is a ring with a palette to make it convenient for you to reach your lacquers.


Rhinestones are used to stud the nails and give your nails a glamorous look. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be applied by simple peel and place method or with the help of nail glue. They’re like little jewelry for your nails.

Not everybody has the skills and patience it takes to create the perfect nail art. But these tolls will surely help you get a little closer to being that artist.