Nail paints are an absolute necessity these days. A bomb outfit looks even more embellished with complementary dressed up nails. And while there are many in the market, gelish nail polishes are my absolute favourite, especially the soak off nail polishes. Soak Off Nail Polishes are gel nail paints which are cured under UV or LED lamps and stay on for about 3 to 4 weeks with no chipping or withering away.

Gelish offers a wide range of soak off nail paint shades and below are the 9 absolute essential  ones you need to add to your collection:


1. Life Of The Party


The name does justice with the nail lacquer  which has big flakes in multiple shades of pink from the lightest to the darkest pink. The glamour it adds to your entire look makes you instantly party ready.


2. Kiss Kiss


A minimalistic shade for flawless sheer nails, this one is an elegant option for the days you just wanna look classy and nothing less. It gives a natural pinkish tint to your nails giving them a neat look. It’s perfect for office or your weekend mimosas.


3. All Tied Up.. With A Bow


Imagine a galaxy colored red. Yep, that’s what this shade looks like. This shimmery nail paint with the perfect shade of red is just the color you want for every masquerade party. It’s great for those casino nights in your office or fundraisers that your boss ordered you to bring a date to. This shade is bound to make them a little less boring.


4. Hip Hot Coral


This slightly softer shade of hot pink with just the smallest shimmers make it ideal for any hip events like dinner dates, pubs or a house party. This fire shade looks more like “party doesn’t start until I arrive.”


5 .Enchanted Patina


A blurred rainbow in a sheer shade is what enchanted panita looks like. It is perfect for your beach days and under the sun picnics. It isn’t too flashy but will surely catch some eyes and complements for your nails.


6. My Forbidden Love


This too dark for maroon and too red for black nail enamel is just want you want on your “feeling gothic but not really” mood days. This shade is perfect for any office night parties or literally anywhere you are about to wear your red carpet look for those pristine complementary nails.

7.All That Glitters Is Gold



With golden, somewhat hexagonal, flakes of different sizes, this nail paint makes for a just the  look for any wild night out. Whether it’s a hot club date or a girls night out, this shade will get you ready for it.


8.Oocha Coocha Bing bang Bam


As creative as its name, this shade is simply the best. A gorgeous dark green enamel making love with golden shimmer and glitter which brings a bright look into the lacquer, this shade will surely be your favourite to go bottle for almost every event, whether day or night.


9. Orange Cream Dream


Almost as fun as the names that gelish gives to its nail paints, this shade is a bright orange for those springtime day outs. Adding a color pop to even a boring basic dress, this bold nail paint will be bringing your sunny side out.

As someone witty once said, there’s a shade for every season, every event and every one. And when I say someone witty, I mean me. You can buy gelish nail polishes online or go to your local stores to look for your favourite shade.