7 Significant Tips to Prevent Early Tooth Decay in Kids

One of the commonest chronic diseases among kids and teenagers, these days, happens to be tooth decay. Many parents think that if the baby teeth of the kids are going to fall out then why should there so much worry about the child tooth decay!

Well! Early childhood carries or baby tooth decay can cause massive problems, right from a very young age. It is not just a great smile that is produced by a great oral health but it is also vital for proper pronunciation of words as well as proper chewing. Added to that, healthy baby teeth assist in the right growth of the adult teeth. The early childhood carries enhance the risk of damaged or crooked adult teeth.

When the first cavity develops, many-a-times one doesn’t experience any symptom. It is for this reason that seeing the dentist on a regular basis is of crucial significance for detecting the cavities before any further damage occurs.

The symptoms of tooth decay are a toothache, tooth sensitivity when eating and drinking something hot or cold, visible holes in the teeth, pain while biting down something or white stains on the surface of the teeth.

Here are certain ways with the help of which you can keep tooth decay at bay for your baby. Just read on.

  • Brush with Fluoride Toothpaste at Least Twice a Day – You should make your kid brush with a fluoride toothpaste, at least twice a day and preferably after each meal. They should brush especially prior to going to bed as the bacteria accumulated in the mouth can create more damage throughout the night.

  • Rinse on a Regular Basis – If your child is at a high risk of developing cavities, then he or she can be suggested to rinse the mouth with a mouthwash by the dentist. You can ask the dentist to recommend a brand that best prevents the cavities.

  • Consume the Nutritious Foods and Restrict Snacking – The pretzels, candies and chips and other carbohydrates must be avoided that can remain on the tooth surface. You should make the kids brush the teeth soon afterwards if the sticky foods are eaten.

  • Go for a Dental Sealant – Sealants are recommended for kids of all age. But they are quite beneficial for the adults as well. These are nothing but the plastic-made protective quoting that seals the crannies and grooves of the teeth where bacteria and food tend to collect. On the chewing surface of the back teeth these are applied and they can last up to a decade before you need to renew it.

  • Floss Daily – This is one of the things that you just cannot miss if you want cavities to stay away. You should make the kids clean in between the teeth with a floss daily so that their mouth is comprehensively cleaned and is free of bacteria.

  • Drink Lots of Water – A mouth that has dried up can pace up the decay of the teeth by permitting the build-up of bacteria that cause cavity. If even after drinking ample amount of water your child’s mouth still remains dry, then it can be symptom of a larger medical issue. Such a problem can also crop up because of prescribed drugs. You should talk with your dentist if this problem persists.

  • Go for an Antibacterial Treatment – At times certain medical conditions can make your child susceptible to the dental decay and erosion. Under such circumstances, you can visit a reputed dental clinic in Delhi and ask the dentist for some special treatments like antibacterial mouth rinses that will offer your kid a clean mouth.

The above are some of things that you can follow to prevent the early tooth decay in your kids.