7 Advantages of Social Media to Company HR

In the era of technology, almost everything can be done online and some few clicks can help us with our everyday lives and work. This is also true for a company in using social media, particularly a big help for the human resources department.

Social media now is not just only for connecting people and sharing something beautiful, but a tool that would make a company successful. HR people can actually use the power of social media with their works, helping the company to achieve its goals and helps in day to day operation. Social media can offer a lot of help to both HR and the company’s employees.

You can discover some of them below:

Widen the poll of passive and active candidates

Using social media, you will not be limited to only job boards when advertising your company’s vacancies. It is a great tool for tapping the sought-after potential candidates that are not actively looking for a new job but rather open to new opportunities. With social media, you will have a quicker and easier access to diverse and high-skilled candidates. Great examples of social media sites are Linkedin, and Careerify, allowing efficient and effective hiring process. Human resources can also look for niche roles such as Developers or Engineers sing social media.

Encourages employee engagement

If a company has an internal social networking platform, it inspires the employees to engage more and participate compared to e-mail communications. The employees would feel their importance because they think they can voice out their feelings and concerns more through postings and exchanged comments.

Promotes sharing and social learning

With social media, it offers the employees to connect with colleagues to solve office problems as well as promoting social learning to increase knowledge sharing globally.

Helps to improve company branding

In today’s era, online presence means dealing with responsibility. Human resources department should note that social media is important in terms of harnessing continuity and maintaining professionalism in the company. A well-built employer brand should be regularly visible on social media to improve its online reputation, helping in the hiring process and retaining talent.

Observe the employees online activities

Now that social media is all over us, one of HR solutions to check their employees’ behavior is to monitor their online activities. Once the HR department found out that employees are posting on their personal accounts during work hours, HR manager can impose social media policy. But social media can be used during work as long as the posts are work-related and promote positivity of the company.

Discovers new talent in the company

Human resources people have a goal of finding and managing talent that would be helpful to the success of the company. Using social media, they would be able to find talent within their company. HR managers would be surprised with the diverse people they have, which is a big help during personnel audit.

Helps in evaluating potential candidate for recruitment

Social media is a great tool as well when doing a background check for potential candidates. Upon evaluation of candidate’s application, HR managers can review the skills, past experiences, and personal qualities that would be helpful for the assessment. They can find out if the candidate can help with company’s culture and values.