7 absolutely essential design features of a dream kitchen

Clearly, you’ve been having the thought of creating your very own dream kitchen for a while now. After all, if it is your very own dream kitchen that you are talking about, clearly you would have thought about it for quite a while now. Not only does one need to have every single aspect planned out, but there is also the fact that the smallest and tiniest details in the kitchen need to be taken care of as well. This needs to be kept in mind even for some of the most sophisticated and modern kitchens of today.

Having said that, even though every person has their unique ideas about what could possibly work for the best in a dream kitchen, one definitely needs to understand that having a set of go-to strategies in place is an absolute must. Without that, you would end up being clueless about how to take things forward in the best possible manner. It is as simple as that. In the case of an ideal kitchen space, one needs to have a kitchen that is functional, successful as well as aesthetically beautiful. No matter what you may think, these particular aspects cannot be compromised on.

On that very note, let us take a closer and more detailed look at seven of the main essential design features of a dream kitchen :-

1. The aspect of adequate lighting: In order to get adequate lighting in your kitchen, you need to incorporate various different types of lighting into your kitchen. Not only do you need to create an overall glow, but also task lighting in order to ensure that the work space is illuminated. Not to mention the importance of aspect lighting to highlight specific features in the space.

2. Replace your old bulbs with LEDs: Although a lighting overhaul might seem a bit much to do for most people if done properly, this can be the most sensible and forward-thinking decision you have ever made. Not only are LED bulbs a lot more energy efficient, but they also last longer plus are available in a range of different colours as well.

3. Abundant seating: A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that people often congregate in kitchens. Hence the need for more sitting space. Not only should there be an ample amount of room for people to gather, but the functionality of your prep space should not be compromised either. Extended tables and roundtables are sure to add an excellent touch to your kitchen.

4. Organised drawers: Keeping things as neat and easy-to-find as possible will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. You can be sure of that fact. Dividers, as well as designated spaces, will ensure that nothing gets cluttered and overflowed. First of all, measure out all of your drawers and make sure of the fact that they are made up of durable material.

5. A mobile workstation: A bar cart on wheels would be the ideal option for cooking and preparing different things as fast as possible. First of all, it takes care of the problem of less storage, not to mention the fact that a more versatile and improved surface area is at your disposal for faster and smoother preparing and serving.

6. Thorough pot and pan organisation: You need to organise all of your pots and pans in such a way that whenever you have to get hold of one, the rest of your cookware doesn’t get shuffled around. That is the key. Making them hang from strategically placed hooks is a great idea plus you will be able to make efficient use of vertical space as well.

7. Hand towels: Paper towels in the kitchen just add to the level of waste. Only only are cloth towels a lot more eco-friendly, but in the right colours, they can also add a much-needed sense of charm to your kitchen space as well. They need to be placed well so that guests are not looking for them while in the kitchen.

At the end of the day, you need to realise that playing to your home’s unique and interesting architectural details will go a long way in ensuring that you manage to design and construct the ultimate kitchen design of your dreams. Don’t forget that even the smallest details can make the biggest difference in the long run.

For instance, if you happen to have a few old and vintage glass-front cabinets, the best thing to do would be to accentuate little details here and there. Vintage curtain tiebacks or even quirky door knobs would be the ideal option for you in this regard. Ultimately, you should not be afraid to branch out and experiment with different ideas from time to time whenever the opportunity call for it. This is something that you would do well to keep in mind at all times.