6 Symptoms or Oral Conditions that Tell You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is a treatment that needs to be conducted when a tooth is badly decayed, inflamed or irritated. The pulp that consists of the blood vessels and nerves can become damaged or infected for some reason and it is then that the root canal therapy has to be conducted.

During the treatment, the pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is sealed and cleaned. If the damaged tooth is not repaired immediately then bacteria can kill the pulp eventually after entering into it and causing an infection there. This leads to loss of bone and finally the loss of the tooth.

But just because you have tooth pain does not mean that you have to go for root canal treatment. There are several major signs that tell you that you may need a root canal treatment.

Here are some of the symptoms or oral conditions that are the tell-tale signs that you may require a root canal therapy.

  • Intense Pain– The intensity of the tooth pain that is caused by the pulp can range from being slight to getting into extreme. At times, you may feel that pain in the tooth is almost pulsing to the heartbeat rhythm. It can also get enhanced by the cold or the hot food exposure. The pain may linger for some time or can even last for several hours.
  • Deep Decay – Tooth decay is also known as cavities, when the bacteria staying inside the mouth produce acids that erode away the tooth. At the first, the decay may go unnoticed when just the outer layer of the tooth can get affected. With time the deeper layers of the teeth also get affected and the pulp eventually gets damaged.
  • Swollen or Tender Gums – On an infected tooth, the swelling of the gums can occur very often. The area can form a lump that is noticeable or felt and it also remains quite tender. Due to the swelling, the tooth can also feel elevated. A gumboil can also form on the gums instead of a prominent swelling.
  • Chips or Cracks –Chips or cracks or other types of trauma can often lead to the root canal procedure. The teeth may be exposed to a number of stresses every day including clenching, grinding or chewing. Usually the minor chips and cracks can be repaired using the bonding materials that are tooth-colored along with a capping or crowning to cover the broken tooth. A root canal therapy may be required in addition to bonding for the more severe cracks. Usually, a root canal therapy will be needed if the damage to the tooth has been extended to the pulp.
  • Darkened Tooth – There may be a problem in the nerve cells if there are unexpected changes in tooth color and it turns slightly darker than a healthy tooth. These kinds of discoloration happen to be the major reasons why the dentist may recommend root canal therapy for you.
  • Consistent Gum Pimples – In most cases, pimple like gum lesions are caused inside the tooth. In the dental terms, these lesions are known as “lesions fistulous tracts”. Through time, the size can increase or decrease. These serve as drains for the pus and often taste awful.

The above are some of the signs that tell you that you may have to go for root canal treatment in DelhiIf any of the above symptoms is bothering you then you should not delay and see the most efficient and experienced dentist available so that your issue can be detected before it is too late and can be treated well so that it creates no further problem.