6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an Investment Banking Career

Investment banking is all about big bucks! The firms are all about buying and selling the financial tools and platforms on behalf of the clients or consumers. If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity to have a lucrative package as well as some of the incredible perks, then investment banking is the right option for you. But what else you can expect from this career? Let’s dive deeper into it!

  • Everyone has this idea about banking that it comprises of cutthroat competition which is relentless. But in reality, it is extremely friendly and collaborative. Everyone is super friendly, and cooperative in the team that they will go out of their way to help each other. It is not at all super cutthroat and no one is micromanaging everything.
  • One of the interesting facts about this job is that everything is happening real-time and you will always feel so connected with everything that is happening in the world! You’ll always be updated about any massive market-moving issues like elections, economic downturns, and war! As a result, the investment bankers are always reacting to the events in real time which is full of adrenaline rush!
  • The investment bankers are often dealing with clients all around the world which means in one meeting you’d be dealing with a client from Singapore, and the next you’ll be meeting any other Latin American client which makes it so exciting! Working at such a multinational level surely does have its advantages. You also get some really good exposure about other cultures which is priceless. The world of investment banking is fast paced and diverse!
  • Dynamic training is a part of the job role. Some training programs are so intense that sometimes people are worried that they will end up with a particular skill set which is not the case. Such skill sets are relevant for a wide range of industries and sectors. So learn as much as you can after entering into the world of investment banking. The top firms are always looking for well-educated, team players, and smart investment bankers who knows how to make the most of the rigorous training!
  • The global firms offer mentoring and training throughout your career so you can thrive! The focus is for long-term and it continues throughout your career. Apart from putting the candidates through a rigorous training program or internship, they also provide expert guidance and counseling! Don’t forget that you’re an investment too!
  • Finally, the choice is yours! You can sign up for summer programs to learn about different areas so that you know what you like the best! There are so many interesting areas in the realm of finance that it is important to rotate to several areas until you find yours. You can learn a lot about selling, trading, structuring, researching, interest rates, foreign exchange, equity, credits and various other product range.

Of course, the hours are grueling and there will be competition, But someone who loves learning and growing, this could be the perfect job!