5 Terrific Tips To Help You Identify Antique Furniture

Picking out antique furniture for your home is an art which requires the right eye to find the most beautiful and well- kept pieces. Antique pieces have the potential of increasing the value of your home which makes them an incredible choice for home furniture. Now, the question that stands is how can you identify good pieces of furniture which are antique and would add value to your possessions? Well, we got you covered, folks! Read the following tips and master the art with a little practice of precision.


Authenticity is a prominent factor which helps in better identification of antique furniture Melbourne. Since antique furniture pieces reap you great profits, various vendors replicate the original designs and sell as original pieces, when in reality they are fake. Identifying a real antique piece can be difficult, which is why a few ideas would come in quite handy. Check the seller’s quality record and the inspect the quality and material of the piece properly before making the final purchase.


It’s a common fact that antique furniture is rare to find which makes it valuable. There are a few factors which can help you identify a real piece such as fewer made furniture pieces, unusual colour or design, unique pattern, unique size and shape and more. Also, if you find a piece of antique furniture in Melbourne which is difficult to reproduce, it shows its rarity.


The specialists in antique furniture restoration in Melbourne suggest that the workmanship and the joinery of a particular piece of furniture can specify its nature. If you have come across an antique drawer or antique bedroom furniture in Melbourne, then you are in for a treat. Check the joints to see whether it is manually-made or a machine-cut furniture piece. If you can see cuts and saw marks and if there are dovetails with narrow pins, it shows manual artistry.

Variety of wood

The most prominent wood which was used for making antique furniture Melbourne was initially Oak. However, walnut and mahogany soon became preferred choices. After Oak, walnut became an excellent choice for furniture because of its beauty and sturdy nature and soon it’s monopoly was taken over by Mahogany which was in the limelight for a longer time. If you find any antique furniture made of these woods, there are higher chances that they are antique.

Unique factors

The finish on the wood also has a story to tell about the authenticity of the antique furniture. If it’s shellac finish that you find, then the piece dates back to the Victorian Era. Till that time, furniture was preserved with oil, wax or milk paint. Take advice from antique experts to get a hold of some quick tips on antique furniture and their finishes for better decision-making. Also, don’t judge the quality of furniture by its hardware as it may be changed.

Furniture condition

Mint, excellent and good is how we define the condition of a piece of furniture. According to experts in antique furniture restoration in Melbourne, mint is when the article is completely intact without any scratches or breakage, excellent is when there are minor cracks or scratches, and good condition is when the furniture has suffered some damage. Check the furniture with mint and excellent condition properly, so the seller doesn’t fool you into purchasing a fake piece.

With these great tips, find the most brilliant antique furniture pieces for your home and office at reasonable prices. Take help from the specialists and add value to your home.

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