5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Apps and Marketing

What if I told you there’s one marketing tactic that can help you with two of those three goals? No, it’s not a “magic tactic.” It’s not a “black hat” unethical tactic. It’s video marketing, and it works amazingly well.

In recent times, videos are highly in trend for content marketing. Video marketing has been on a surge since last few years and is continually rising. Adding a video enhances user-experience, retention, and sales.

All the apps, websites and online stores are trying hard to attract and retain their audience with the help of engaging videos. If you have not already integrated a video with your app, then wait no more and get started.

Until now you must have heard of these three tips:

  1. Drive more traffic
  2. Helping your customers buy more products
  3. Helping your customers buy more often

It is time we move a bit ahead of that so here are all the reasons why you should use video as your marketing strategy.

  • Preferred browsing choice: Users prefer watching videos over text and images. A perfect combination of visuals and audio is what makes videos highly attractive. Videos claim a major share of all the web traffic. As per a Cisco forecast, videos will constitute 82% of all the consumer internet traffic by 2021.
  • Increased retention: Videos are a creative medium to showcase your brand. It helps in creating a stronger emotional bond and trust with your audience. You can easily explain your approach and thoughts in less time. It best fits in today’s busy life and provides higher levels of engagement.
  • Higher conversion rates: Adding a video to your landing page can increase the conversions by 80% (insivia). People love to know about your services by the means of a quality video. This directly impacts the purchase decisions of buyers and helps in generating sales.
  • Improved SEO: Users tend to spend more time on your app watching a video than reading a text. This, in turn, reduces the bounce rate. Thus, longer-exposure signals search engines that your app consists of good content. It improves your chances of ranking high in the search results.
  • Social shares: Informative and fun videos are increasingly shared by the users across the social networks. There is nothing better than receiving praises from your customers. It improves reliability and appeal of your brand. Social shares can also highly increase traffic to your site.

To conclude, appropriate video marketing strategy can benefit your business in so many ways. It will make you stand out from the crowd. Now is the perfect time to start experimenting and excel. Video marketing boosts conversions and sales than any other technique does. Majority of people are more inclined towards visualization rather than just text. A video grabs more attention than text content on social media platforms as well. Many companies have changed the way they market their products/services online by promoting their business with animation videos made by companies and getting great results from that.