5 Different types of tooth Laminate veneer and their differences

The dental veneer is divided into two types, which are made by material and construction.

  • Ceramic laminate:

They are more resistant to composite laminate veneers and have more color stable than composites.

  • Composite laminate:

The color stability of this type of laminate veneer is lower than Ceramic laminate but its price is cheaper.

Lamination solves anterior tooth problems. One of the most important problems is the oral habits of the patient, which can cause tooth fractures of a laminated tooth. You can consult a cosmetic dentist to help you about the type of veneer that works better for you.

The Problems of laminate veneers include:

  1. Long-term allergies after treatment:

Laminate treatment, like all dental treatments, is sensitive to heat and cold, and after a while this sensitivity will disappears.

2- Fracture of laminated tooth:

Having oral diseases and eating hard foods cause tooth fracture. If the tooth that had been treated has fractured for various reasons, it can be corrected by repairing it with ceramic or composite dental veneers.

3- Changing the color of veneer:

Eating colored foods, smoking, drinking tea and coffee can cause discoloration of the edges of the tooth.

Post Laminate Care:

After treatment, the person should take appropriate oral care and prevent dental damage by observing dental hygiene. If teeth whitening treatment needed, you have to inform your cosmetic dentist that the tooth is laminated.
Using too much fluoride-containing mouthwashes can affect the porcelain veneers Toronto and inform your dentist before using the mouthwash to prescribe it.

Replacement of laminate instead of orthodontics

Lamination can be a replacement of orthodontic. Orthodontic has some problems. It will erode the root of the teeth and in some cases return to previous problems. If the brackets are removed from the teeth, porcelain veneers will be a good replacement for orthodontic as it takes less time.

Life span of laminated teeth

If a dental veneer is properly installed and has a precise design, it will never be removed. But if it is not installed correctly, it will be removed possibly. If the oral environment is exposed to heat and cold changes, the laminate will be removed and precautions must be taken to prevent it from being damaged. Biting and chewing hard fruits should be avoided in order to extend the life of the laminate.

Laminate covers only the tooth and if the oral health is not observed, it can cause microbial plaque and decay, and it should be repaired from the inside.

In some people, tooth decay has already happened and if porcelain veneers is applied, it can reduce tooth decay and prevent tooth decay by brushing and flossing.

Tooth lamination is actually used to create beautiful, tooth-shaped teeth. Fortunately, with the advancement of medical science, there have been many changes in the field of dentistry, and today, with a miracle called veneer, you can easily experience beautiful, well-formed and well-colored teeth.