5 Critical Questions you Must Ask from the Admission Committee

We all know that how students can be really stressed out once they know that they are going for a tough ride. This can happen especially when they look to join an educational institute for obtaining a professional degree. And one of the toughest studies in this is without a shred of doubt a med school. But when students finally get a chance to knock on the door of such an institute, there are many aspects that they need to know.

Students need to have a clear idea about where they are heading in terms of what they are doing and what’s the environment be like in a med school. So there are certain questions that students must have in mind and they must ask them from the admission team in this regard. Following are the top 5 questions in this regard.

  1. Your Graduates’ Future

I am sure that every student in the Caribbean region look to get admission in the top Caribbean medical school and similarly in USA they go for prestigious institutes like Yale and Harvard. But what happens when you will graduate from there? What about the residency and other important aspects that a student must consider? This is one aspect that a student just cannot ignore.

No one can deny the fact that by studying in a prestigious and top-rated med school, your chances of getting a good career ahead automatically increases. But you cannot rely on just the name as you need practical experience in any of the medical field you have chosen. So ask the persons in front of you that what you have done in this regard.

  1. Research Opportunities

This is another critical factor especially if you want to go for research after your degree in medicine is finished. Even while studying the bachelors or masters degree, you can do lots of research, in between semester breaks and other times, so be specific about. It is about the type of work you can be involved in so that your interest can be developed in this concern even if you have zilch interest in it at first.

It can be really vital for a student if he can publish an article or research paper while studying as this can be an icing on the cake for a student on his illustrious academic career. This also helps students in their residency career too.

  1. Something about the Student Life

The life on campus can be really important for a student. There are many ways in which this can be really critical for a student. If you need that there must be lots of opportunities for you in this regard like exceptional facilities like library, state of the art labs, huge campus, etc. you need to confirm this beforehand. If you think you need some additional facilities like sports or other recreational ones, then you need to ask it form the person taking your interview.


  1. Support Services

There need to be many support services available for students so that they can make sure that they are taken good care of. If you are looking for services such as tutoring, mental health support, counseling, etc. you need to ask for it. There are virtually lots of factors involved in it that are related to psychological aspects so that students can study medicine, especially away from their home, with total peace of mind.

  1. Curriculum

Again a very vital one, you just cannot leave it to the university’s wish or board’s discretion. If a degree in medicine contain 15 subjects in most universities and med school, your chosen must also offer at least 12-14 of them so that you can think that you are studying in a good enough school offering excellent opportunities for you in the future. If you need further confirmation, do not hesitate a bit because you need to study some courses without which you won’t be considered a doctor in many countries regions around the world.

Final Word

If you think that you need some extra guidance in this regard or you can add something useful to this blog, then you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.