3 Simple to follow SEO steps for small businesses!

What’s the best approach to SEO for small businesses?

Well, the best advice I can offer is to go slow and keep things simple.

Believe me, Search Engine Optimization doesn’t produce miracles overnight and there are never immediate payoffs. The best strategy for small businesses is to follow the absolute basics and keep spirits high.

Want to know the basics of a slow but sure SEO strategy? Continue to read-on as we list some important steps that can facilitate you to kick-off your small business SEO:

1 Start Creating Blogs

Search Engines love nothing more than blogs. as the old saying goes, “content is king” and this can’t be truer than today. You need to produce fresh, engaging, relevant and informative content over and over again to be able to achieve high SERPs. Besides, fresh and engaging content is one technique that won’t go in vain.

The best way to feed fresh content over your small business website is to start a blogging page. Keep this page updated with regular blog updates. Choose unique and interesting topics to engage users. Besides helping you with SEO efforts, fresh and relevant blogs will also serve your business recognition and authority.

Cutting short, when looking to initiate your small business SEO, start-off with a step that serves you well on multiple levels – start-off with blogging.

  1.  Get Registered at Google My Business Account

Apart from blogging, another really crucial step for small business SEO is to get registered at Google My Business account. This is something specifically related to local SEO, where small businesses can leverage their geographical location to list at the top of local searches on search engines. For instance, if you are a local web design business in New Zealand, and you decide to create a Google My business Account by submitting all requisite information, you can simply account for higher rankings in SEO NZ. This is because whenever there’ll be query for web design in New Zealand, the SEO NZ service will list your business up there with other local businesses.

  1. Start Creating your Qualitative Backlinks

There’s a common misconception out there about the irrelevancy of backlinks in SEO services. However, this isn’t the truth. The truth is today Google gives importance to qualitative backlinks against the former approach of quantitative backlinks. Thereby, start building some high quality and relevant backlinks to your site and you are on your way for better rankings in search engines.


Small businesses often face budgetary limitations, which translate into poor marketing and lower visibility. However, SEO today is quite simpler than what most people think. You can simply start a small business SEO campaign without any monetary requirement. All you need is a little patience and consistency to keep repeating the process over and over again till you reach the top.

About the Author:

Taimoor is a seasoned SEO specialist and a passionate blogger. He likes to write about his extensive experiences in the industry and help businesses achieve better visibility in search engines. He is associated with Starlinks, A NZ based digital marketing firm and you can contact him to discuss your small business marketing needs.