10 Tips on Writing a Great Dissertation


The dissertation is a term used for your research project, assignment of the group task. There are so many tips to rich your goal effectively. Here we will just group up few of the important ones.

Choose a Topic you Love

Make sure to choose a topic that you love. It should be based on your interest. You should have a full grip and control over topic dissertation topic. If your topic is not according to your taste. It will become boring and become a drag to complete. It will delay your submission time. Or you will end up changing the topic.

Carefully Choose the Methodology

Choose a right methodology of your research to discuss with your supervisor on how you will conduct your research. The right methodology will help you extract good results out of your topic of dissertation.

Keep your Work Organized

Note down your ideas in a proper place. It should be easily accessible at the time of need. Keep them nested in proper in one place way. Make a record of your key ideas. For example, if you are making a dissertation on PC than make folders and files named properly

Structure First

The most important thing to follow a proper structure to jolt down your work. First, brainstorm your ideas in the form of bullets as a rough work. Then think about how you will organize it.

Make Routine

Make a schedule on how and which time of the day you will work on your dissertation. Make use to work predictably, delaying leaving it for later is not a good idea. It will stack up your work and make it difficult for you to finish on time.

Sleep Routine

Schedule your sleeping routine. Working half sleep will be not a good investment for your dissertation. Half asleep hinder your brain from generating creative ideas for making your work interesting.

Snacking is Okay

It’s okay to take snacks to fuel your mind. However, make sure you take healthy snacks, don’t take junk food. It will make your lazy and draggy. Consume in moderation. Avoid overeating and too much consumption of caffeine.

Formatting is Important

My sure to follow a proper format since the beginning. Choose your formatting system and make sure to go with it throughout your work. Commonly followed the format for a dissertation in APA format. MS Office suite also offers a built-in easy system of formatting,

Make Someone Else To Read It

After finishing your dissertation work, make sure to ask some professional or your friend to read it for you. Sometimes we skip the mistake and oversee it. Reading by others will verify if there is a mistake or not.

Decide or Book Holiday to Keep you Motivated to Finish Your Work

Put an award for yourself to keep yourself motivated. For example, book a travel plan with your friend. And say to yourself if you finish your work on time you will enjoy yourself. This will help you keep motivated and attached to your work.


The dissertation writing process is a very difficult task for most students, especially those who are the week at researching. Not all the students are capable to cope with, and most of the time they fail. At this stage of your studies, there is only one way and that is forward. These 10 tips will help you greatly in your dissertation writing, but if you still have problems, you can leverage professional dissertation writing services like ResearchProspect Inc, they are really cheap and professionals and will help greatly in your project.